Academy Procedural Standards

In this document, you will find information about our Academy operational guidelines and the standards that we aim to fulfill. This policy applies to the how-to support articles that we write and curate, online sessions and workshops and information that is found on the Resource Hub or that can be acquired by contacting us directly. We strive to create a platform where information is accurate and clearly presented.


Seanasol Academy Introduction

The Seanasol Academy is a collection of education resources (free and paid) that we are offering to students and professionals who wish to become more confident in presenting themselves and their work. There are three main sections within the Academy: Academy Articles, AcademyLIFE Sessions and AcademyPASS Sessions.

We want to build a safe and secure learning space for our community of students and professionals at all levels. With our free and paid learning plans, we offer flexibility and a chance to either receive occasional support or join us for 1-1 private sessions with a dedicated tutor. No matter your budget or requirements, we have learning plans that can be personalised to each individual.

We know that plans change, and we offer Returning clients (including those who have previously AcademyLIFE and AcademyPASS sessions) priority customer support (via email or the Resource Portal). This ensures that private tutors adapt learning plans as client requirements change through time.

For the health and safety of staff and clients, please note that currently we can only offer online sessions. We try to accommodate everyone in our online sessions, but if you have specific requirements that are not stated here, please contact us at

Academy Terminology

“The Organiser” refers to Seanasol Research Academy administrations that are responsible for all aspects of the online sessions that are on offer.

“Meeting Space” refers to the meeting environment (remote online, in-person) that is being delivered. The use of this term usually refers to the conditions in which these spaces are to ensure they are safe and secure.

“Client”, “Attendee”, “[pass name] holder”, “Customer” and “User” refers to the person who registered for the session via any of our booking platforms. All requests need to be made by this person. If we find that requests are done by others, we have the right to cancel the request, without guarantee of conducting the session or processing a refund, as this violates our operating standards.

“New Client” (or ‘new’ as prefix to as above) refers to any person who has not registered to any session before attending their first booking. We check all registrations to ensure they are genuine and may ask for additional information if we suspect spam bookings.

“Returning Client” refers to any person who has previously attended an online session or workshop. Returning clients are also those who have Customer Accounts.

“AllyPASS” refers to an individual or group of individuals (i.e. allies) that the Attendee would like to be present during their online session, such as a support buddy. Clients are only required to mention this as a request.

“Discussion Lead” refers to the person or persons responsible for hosting and leading the discussion during online sessions. When operating at full capacity, the Discussion Lead will be the Organiser of the session.

“Party” refers to all those involved in the registration process from the Organiser, to Discussion Lead and Attendee. If Attendees would like to have a ally in the session with them, the ally constitutes as part of the “Party”.

Registration Fee” or simply “Fee” refers to the cost of attending the online session or workshop. These fees are calculated by the hourly rates (£/h) for the sessions. Fees are always adjusted for the duration of session.

Standard Rate” or “Standard Cost” refers to a fixed cost (non-hourly rates).

Online Session” or simply “Session” refers to the virtual class, workshop, or event that is stated on the session registration.

Workshop” or “Online Workshops” refer to sessions that are aimed for group attendance.

AcademyLIFE” refers to the entry-level (free) session that is booked through the online booking system.

AcademyLIFE+” is a scheme available only to returning clients of the AcademyLIFE scheme, and offers the same benefits available on the DISCOVER AcademyPASS+, without making upfront season payments or being fixed into a subscription model.

AcademyPASS” (or “AcademyPASS+”) refers to the ticket that is booked through the Eventbrite platform. The AcademyPASS are official documents containing proof of your purchase.

AcademyPASS+” (“AcademyPASS Plus; previously Season AcademyPASS) refers to one of three tiers (THINK, EXPLORE, DISCOVER) of pre-paid session bundles. Seasons run in 3-month cycles.

Subscription Model” is a business strategy that bundles several AcademyPASS sessions into one registration for an Activation Period of 3 months. These offers additional benefits that would otherwise need to be paid for separately.

“AcademyPASS Activation Code” or simply “Activation Code” are randomly generated unique codes that are assigned to AcademyPASS tickets for the indicate activation period.

“Activation Period” refers to the period of time that AcademyPASS tickets are valid. This is typically within 2 months of registering to a single-use ticket and up to 3 months for a Season ticket.

“Personal Reference ID” is a unique code that we ask all individuals to assign to their purchases at the time of ordering. This not only helps to identify your ticket as unique in our system, but also allows to keep accurate records of tickets issues and claimed, without needing to store additional personal information such as the name and email address linked to the order.

“Promotional Code” or simply “Promo Code” apply only to Season AcademyPASS registrations. These are codes used to access paid workshops. When registering, there is an option to use a promo code, which will waive the registration fee.

“Emergencies” within the context of reasons why sessions can be cancelled or postponed last minute loosely refer to extraordinary and unplanned circumstances were either party cannot attend a session due to health and/or medical reasons (personal or of someone related to them, dependents and/or pets), last minute changes to their work routine, unplanned commitments or generally anything that, if they were not to do or follow, would place themselves or others at risk (i.e. evacuation drills).

Academy Articles

Academy articles are how-to support guides written by our team members and members of our student and professional community. These aim to help solve common issues experienced in a range of topics. Before publication, each article is carefully reviewed and the advise tested to make sure it provides novel solutions to the encountered problems.

We also welcome members of our student and professional community to submit articles to the Academy. These need to include original and/or novel solutions to common issues, fixes, troubleshooting guides or tips and advice. We check all entries and review before publishing on our platform. We also ensure that all media that is submitted along with the article is reference (if needed) and instructions are easy to read. Articles can be submitted via the Resource Hub.


AcademyLIFE is an entry-tier to AcademyPASS sessions, which offer free sessions to students and professionals who wish to become more confident in presenting themselves and their work. Scheduling AcademyLIFE sessions is different to how paying AcademyPASS clients register (detailed below). Despite being free of charge, AcademyLIFE Attendees have the same rights as paying customers and we aim to fulfil these sessions with the same high standards detailed in this document.

How to Join AcademyLIFE Sessions

  1. Sessions can be joined through our booking page at:

  2. On the booking system, select the session (AcademyLIFE) and your availability. Dates that appear on here are when we can fulfil these 45 min sessions.

  3. Once you have selected a time that is suitable, you will be presented with a booking form. The more information that you are able to provide, the easier we can get started.

    1. Name & Email - used to contact you

    2. Personal Reference ID - a unique code assigned by yourself to anonymise our records

    3. Select if you a Student or Professional

    4. Select a learning plan or as a returning member Apply for AcademyLIFE+

    5. Fill out additional information, such as learning goals, requirements or additional requests (i.e., allyPASS).

After Registering to AcademyLIFE

  • You will receive a unique link to a meeting on Zoom.

  • You will be contacted directly using the email address provided to verify your details and Personal Reference ID. This code must be stated in all communication between us.

  • In rare instances, we may need to perform additional safety checks on registrations. This is to combat spam or illegitimate registrations.

Sessions Available in AcademyLIFE

AcademyLIFE entry-level sessions offer a sample of sessions available for AcademyPASS holders. These sessions last up to 45 min (15 min introduction + 30 min session time). Please note that to allow these sessions to be equally available to all, we will not be able to offer reoccurring meetings to returning clients. We encourage returning clients to apply for AcademyLIFE+ discounts on paid tiers.

Achieve More

This learning plan covers introductory sessions to:

  • Productivity tools and workflows

  • Networked Learning

  • Writing skills

Be a Better Scientist

This learning plan covers introductory sessions to:

  • Data management

  • Spreadsheets and Data Collection

  • Scientific talks and writing

  • Experimental Designs

  • Time Management

  • Health & Safety

Create Your Career

This learning plan covers introductory sessions to:

  • CV Building

  • Cover Letters & Support Statements

  • Mock Interviews

  • After your Degree

Deliver A Great Talk

This learning plan covers introductory sessions to:

  • Presentation skills

  • Media & Communication training

  • Capturing your audience

Explore a new Language

These sessions cover general information for learning a new language. We currently offer this for:

  • Learning Spanish

  • Learning German

  • Learning French

For beginners, intermediate or advanced speakers who are actively learning another language, you are invited to take part in a session to enhance your skills or work with a tutor to develop a learning plan (AcademyLIFE+ is required).

AcademyLIFE Fine Print

AcademyLIFE offers a free and flexible learning environment aimed for mass participation without needing to make upfront payments. To equally provide this service free-of-charge, we will not be able to provide personalised experience to all individuals, and we must limit how the online sessions work.

  1. Online sessions are carried out at London, UK time.

  2. To create safe and safe meeting spaces, booking sessions via the online portal is on a request-only basis, which means that sessions are not guaranteed for new clients until we have done safety checks. These checks will be made by email in the first instance or through an online call using Zoom.

  3. New Clients will need to attend a 15 min introductory session to ensure that an appropriate session can be guaranteed. If new clients do not meet the expectations of our Academy Policy, the session may be cancelled.

  4. We operate using a zero-tolerance policy on spam or illegitimate registrations. If we suspect that these have been made, we reserve the right to cancel registrations and deactivate any links sent to online meetings. Email addresses will be banned. To avoid this happening to you, we kindly as that you supply sufficient information on the booking form. For more information, please contact us directly.

  5. Unlike AcademyPASS sessions, Attendees will not be able to submit work in advance to be checked by the session organiser. If documents need to be checked, these should be made available during the session.

  6. Attendees will not be able to submit work to be checked for a future session.

  7. Sessions are restricted to a maximum allocated time of 45 min (including 15 min introduction) per booking.

  8. Returning clients are limited to booking one session every month. Their registrations will be checked against their Personal Reference ID and will be rejected if found to be booking reoccurring sessions (unless applying for AcademyLIFE+, see below).

  9. We can cater to individuals who have learning disabilities or that may need extra help and explanation during their session. Individuals of this category are also invited to have buddy (AllyPASS) with them during the session to ensure they are comfortable. We kindly ask that the AcademyLIFE attendee let us know in advance so that we can create a learning environment that is suitable for the individual. Priority sessions will not be time-restricted to accommodate the needs of individuals.

Upgrade to AcademyLIFE+

We offer an upgrade to an AcademyPASS learning plan at a reduced cost for returning clients who have attended at least one AcademyLIFE session. This enables our clients to continue their development and take advantage of all the AcademyPASS sessions.

Returning clients will go into an exclusive 1-1 AcademyPASS+ space with a private tutor for the duration of their learning plan. The benefits include those allocated for DISCOVER AcademyPASS+, without paying the upfront AcademyPASS+ cost. Instead, we offer flexible plans at a Standard Rate for all sessions available and build to a personalised experience.

We will build a learning plan for each individual and the cost of these single sessions will depend on the individual’s requirements and learning goals.

How to Apply to AcademyLIFE+

  1. Clients must have previously submitted a Personal Reference ID for a sessions (at least 1).

  2. Applications should be sent by scheduling a meeting and choosing the “Apply for AcademyLIFE+” option. Choose this option to minimise disruption to your learning plan.

  3. Alternatively, applications can be sent to Choose this option if you prefer to submit additional information or attach any documents.

  4. Applications will only be accepted if the Personal Reference ID matches to the client’s details that have been previously submitted. Applications may be rejected if client fail to provide this information.

  5. All applications are subject to a 30 min discussion (or conversation via email) to define learning goals.

  6. Successful applicants will then be invited to attend a free consultation appointment with their private tutor to confirm their learning plan, goals and requirements. Session tutors will work directly with clients to meet these requirements.

  7. Upon completion of learning plans, clients may continue with their private tutor (subject to tutor availability). Clients who have been on AcademyLIFE+ learning plans do not need to follow these steps to update or create new learning plans. Requests can be done directly with tutors in the first instance.

AcademyPASS & Online Sessions

The AcademyPASS is a way for you to securely purchase tickets to attend our online sessions and give you greater access to online workshops. Our new scheme offers several topics that can be personalised to fit your needs, along with extra flexibility (choose when to ask for help) and give you peace of mind when communicating with us.

The AcademyPASS is a proof-of-purchase session registration document that act as an agreement to the session that you have registered for. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver an exceptional session to you, fulfill the value of the ticket that we have advertised, give you enough flexibility to fit your needs and communicate with you at every step along the way. This allows us to fulfill the national guidelines set out by the U.K. to protect customers of non-tangible products and make sure your rights as a consumer are not affected in any way. That is why these online sessions are more than providing a service to you; we want to have a much closer interaction with our community, to give you feedback and help you become more confident in presenting yourself and your work.

Policy for all Academy Sessions


These Guidelines cover all sessions (remote and in-person) operated under the AcademyLIFE, AcademyLIFE+, AcademyPASS and AcademyPASS+, private tuitions, and Workshops. Each base scheme will however have its specific requirements and guidelines, which can be accessed by following the links above.


  1. We strive to present information that is clear and accurate. We ensure that important information regarding events, workshops, and online sessions is kept updated constantly on our website ( Alternatively, you will find detailed information of our procedures, legal statement and policy in the Resource Hub. Use the search function to find more information.

  2. Our Online Session workflows have been designed such that our clients receive information about their purchases, as well as have an opportunity to follow-up on their registrations should they want more information, contact the Organiser or request a refund. While our Online Sessions are more like online classes, we ensure that clients get access to the same resources required by the HMRC regulations in the UK when making payment transactions online, specifically for the purchase of digital services (non-tangible goods). Click for more information about our Registration fees. Detailed information is found below.

  3. Online Sessions, workshops and events are classed distance learning educational activities provided by members and associates of Seanasol Research. We always choose session leaders with relevant experience required to fulfil the session guidelines. Seanasol Research will only act as the education provider and will not at anytime place itself as liaison between parties. All parties involved as subject to declaring conflict of interests (see guidelines below for more detail).

  4. When submitting material for review, clients agree that their submission is their own original work. If the work belongs to multiple authors, the person who submits the work undertakes the responsibility to obtain consent from all the co-authors before a request is filed. Seanasol Research will not act as liaison between parties involved in the same work.

  5. All content submitted must be appropriately referenced, when credit is due. While Seanasol Research does not take the responsibility to ensure the authenticity of the work provided, should we find any evidence of plagiarized material, we will inform the client and place the request under investigation. The client must use our report to make the necessary corrections to their document, and if they fail to do so within a considerate timeframe, we will cancel their request, without guarantee of the client receiving a refund. We will make the necessary efforts to educate the client on plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and how to avoid these.

  6. Any work that is submitted via the Resource Hub or via email is securely stored in online cloud storage provided by our team management platform (Atlassian). This storage is only accessible to company members, all who have signed non-disclosure agreements prior to gaining access to team sites. Clients wishing to keep their work in more secure storage, are advised to indicate this at the time of submission. This includes information that is confidential such as preliminary research results or original creations. In this case, work will be stored on SharePoint (Microsoft), where it will only be accessible to those named in the request (company member(s) dealing with request and client(s)). When the request is completed, we will return all documents (original and revised) to the client, along with a statement to declare that all materials that were stored have been deleted from our systems. The same will be applied to personal information stored, such as client contact details (typically, email address). Learn more about information and data classifications.

  7. Online Sessions will be run in a safe and secure environment. When meeting details are shared with clients, we trust that clients treat this information as confidential. We will only accept those on the request to gain access to the meeting call. Any person who is not recognised will be removed from the session.

Our Commitment to Hosting Online Sessions

  1. It is our goal to fulfill sessions as they are advertised and all information that is presented on our website is applicable to all AcademyPASS registrations that are open for that activation period.

  2. Session fees are calculated based on an hourly rate, though the fee that is quoted on the ticket is adjusted for the session time indicated on the event description. Generally, this is based on a 1h session time, which we feel is a sufficient amount of time to lead a discussion and feedback session.

  3. Session times do not take into account the time it takes to review a submitted piece of work or document. A session time is the amount of time allocated to meet with the attendee in an online session.

  4. The discussion lead will try to ensure that sessions last for the indicated time on the ticket (1h, unless otherwise stated). If some attendees require longer meeting times because of learning disabilities or any other justifiable reasons that may require sessions to run longer (other than personal preference), Organisers must be informed in advance. Attendees will not charged for longer sessions times if they fall into this category.

  5. We will ensure that sufficient information is passed along to the attendee of the session before the session date. It is the responsibility of the AcademyPASS holder to state, with reasonable time in advance, when they would like to attend the online session.

  6. For AcademyPASS holders that feel it is best for them to receive feedback in written formats, rather than verbal (online sessions), this can be arranged so long the AcademyPASS holder notifies the Organiser in ample time. Online session attendees can also receive a written review of the submitted work and issues brought up during their session should they wish.

  7. Once a time and date has been agreed by both parties, any chances must be made and approved at least 5 working days in advance. Only during emergencies can sessions be postponed, but it is the responsibility of the Organiser to ensure that the session requirement is fulfilled and that the attendee has received sufficient information.

  8. Online sessions may be temporarily interrupted or terminated by connectivity issues or other issues arising on the day that out of the control of both parties. It is the responsibility of the Organiser to re-host the session when it is most suitable for the attendee.

  9. Sessions that are affected by the inappropriate behaviour of the attendee will be ended and a report filed, which may lead to the banning of that individual from further sessions. For specific requirements based on the sessions, see below.

  10. Failure by the Organiser to fulfill any of these requirements will be in violation of our Academy Standards and all registrations will be available for refunds.

Our Commitment to Subscriptions (AcademyPASS+)

  1. We aim to offer subscription services for online sessions that are cost-effective, flexible and personalised. Currently, our subscription-based sessions do not auto-renew and instead offer packaged single-use AcademyPASS sessions and promotional codes to access additional content at no extra cost. The Activation Period for AcademyPASS+ is up to 3 months.

  2. Three subscription tiers are currently available: THINK, EXPLORE, DISCOVER. Each tier has specific benefits and these can be found by going to the AcademyPASS+ site.

  3. Unlimited access included with AcademyPASS+ registrations means that promotional codes can be used multiple times, across all events that are offered within the activation period on the ticket. Promo codes cannot be transferred to other activation periods or used after the ticket expiration date or if the ticket has been processed for a refund.

  4. Complimentary access to paid workshops and online events means that AcademyPASS+ holders do not have to pay the fee to access the workshop. Season passes include a Promo Code which can be applied to ticket registrations, waiving the participation fee.

  5. It is up to the individual who registers to keep track of the sessions that are allocated for the ticket type and which activation codes have been used.

Season AcademyPASS Fine Print

  1. Season AcademyPASS registrations include a fixed number of Single-Use online session activation codes, each which can be used once per activation period. The rules for Single-Use AcademyPASS apply here, with exception to how refunds are processed. Refunds will only be processed on orders that were made by mistake or when Seanasol Research fails to deliver on their commitments. Refunds will only be processed so long none of the activation codes issued with those registrations were used.

  2. Some sessions are only available to DISCOVER AcademyPASS holders. These are made clear at the time of registering.

  3. DISCOVER AcademyPASS registrations have an maximum allocated session time of 25h, to be used throughout the duration of the activation period. We offer clients the opportunity to roll-over unused hours if they register to another DISCOVER AcademyPASS before the expiration date of their current AcademyPASS. It our discretion if the maximum allocated session time exceeds the fixed value and we will not stop interacting with the client. We will work with the client to arrange a plan.

  4. Registration fees are subject to change between activation periods.

Registration Requirements

  1. Registrations are only valid for the sessions that are available. After purchase, no other charges will be made such as those incurred for longer session times, inclusion of additional session topics or additional documents and pieces of work for review.

  2. Registrations are only valid for the period of activation. This is stated on our website registration page, on the AcademyPASS ticket and sent to you via email.

  3. By registering via the Eventbrite platform, you will have access to the purchase information, the ticket and session that you have booked, order number, your details that you supplied on the order form and options on contacting the Organiser of the session. We highly advise that you contact us via the Eventbrite platform.

  4. Your contact information will never be used to contact you directly, unless you reach out to us first. In this case, we ask that you always quote your AcademyPASS activation code, Personal Reference ID and/or order number.

  5. We keep records of our transactions by storing the following information (1) Activation Codes for that order, (2) order numbers, (3) Promotional Codes matching that order (if applicable), (4) date ticket was purchased, (5) date that work was submitted or session was requested and (6) the Personal Reference Identifier that attendees assigned to their orders at the time of registration. We do not keep names or email addresses on any of our local or cloud storage platforms. Only these personal contact details are collected and stored by Eventbrite, albeit accessible to the Organiser.

  6. Access to the Eventbrite platform allows users to track their orders and/or request refunds if necessary. Refunds are generally accepted for unused tickets, so long none of the benefits or activation codes for that activation period have been used. Under certain circumstances, based on failings by the Organiser to fulfill any of the standards set above, refunds are accepted so long there is sufficient evidence presented. More information about refunds can be found here.

Inclusivity Statement and Special Conditions

  1. We can cater to individuals who have learning disabilities or that may need extra help and explanation during their feedback session. Individuals of this category are also invited to have ally with them during the session to ensure they are comfortable. Sessions that run longer for these cases will not incur additional charges, however, we ask that the AcademyPASS holder let us know in advance so that we can create a learning plan that is suitable for the individual.

  2. Normally single-use AcademyPASS registrations include the review and feedback session of one document that is submitted at the time that the AcademyPASS is claimed. It is our discretion as the Organiser of the session to provide additional feedback on future editions and versions of the work, so long as no significant changes have been made to the original document. If significant changes were made and we would have to receive the entire document again, then we require that a new registration is made for another session. This way, we can provide feedback to new revisions. We will not accepted multiple documents, unless these documents are related to the original document submitted. This policy applies to Season AcademyPASS holders who wish to submit several documents for review. If the documents are vastly different from each other in topic and/or content, then these are counted as separate submissions, and must there be submitted with a new activation code. Only DISCOVER Season AcademyPASS holders have the flexibility to submit multiple versions and/or editions of documents for review (particularly important for larger projects and/or larger teams). Only in this case will activation codes work for the larger workload.

Community Requirements

  1. We expect that those submitting requests have read through our policies regarding our platforms, and any questions or concerns can be directed at us via email at

  2. AcademyPASS tickets are only valid for the person who originally registered using the online Eventbrite platforms. Tickets cannot be shared, resold, exchanged for monetary value and activation codes cannot be used multiple times (each activation code has one use). If we find evidence that issued AcademyPASS tickets are being shared, resold and/or exchanged (also applies to sharing the Personal Reference ID), we will cancel ongoing requests, as these actions would be in violation of our policies, and we will void any further activation codes issued for that individual. Under these conditions, we cannot guarantee that a refund will be processed. If we suspect that this has happened, we will communicate our policy and intentions with the AcademyPASS holder, to ensure that they have not unknowingly been sold the information on that ticket. Only after this communication with the AcademyPASS holder will we initiate any attempt to cancel and revoke activation codes. Activation codes will never be cancelled without written warning or explanation.

  3. We ask that community members that need extra help or longer sessions times because of an identified learning disability let us know early in advance so that we can be make the appropriate plans for the sessions. This may include the opportunity to accept additional callers onto the online session (who will need access links to the meeting), allocate longer session time if needed and/or produce materials in writing and/or visual representation.

  4. We expect that AcademyPASS holders display a mature and professional demeanour throughout our interaction. We have a zero-tolerance policy against abusive and/or disruptive behaviour, and will issue temporary bans to anyone who fails to adhere to our policies.

  5. We reserve the right to label individuals as disruptive and will ban them if they repeatedly register to sessions and either do not attend the session or continually ask for refunds without giving justifiable reasons.

  6. We reserve the right to cancel any claims, without guarantee that a refund will be offered if: (1) the individual has failed to submit work with ample time in advance, (2) the submitted work is offensive and/or includes violent and/or sexual content that is deemed irrelevant for the type of work submitted (exceptions apply such as from medical viewpoint, or related), (3) the work is illegible and attendee makes no effort to improve the submission, (4) the work submitted is in a language which we haven’t agreed to review and attendee fails to notify us with ample time, (5) attendee fails to attend their sessions without giving a reason, (6) the attendee becomes abusive and/or disruptive during the session, (7) attendees share confidential meeting details with strangers who disrupt online sessions and/or (8) we compile evidence of fraudulent purchases and claims.

Using Seanasol Academy Interfaces

We use several third-party platforms that allow user to safely and securely access their ideas, documents, and processed files. All these platforms are only accessible to clients who submit their requests and any documentation that is shared, stored or accessed is not made available to an other party. We will work with you to find the best option for you and your information. Please refer to our Security Training to see how we manage your data.

Resource Hub (Available to all)

For the best client experience, we recommend that AcademyPASS holders use the Resource Hub option Claim an AcademyPASS to securely send and engage with session organisers. Individuals who register a Customer Account can view, edit and update their requests any time after submitting. They will also have access to the most recent changes and/or updates and have access to supplementary information generated before their online session.

Email Communication (Available to All)

Requests can be submitted via the Resource Hub Client email address, and we will add these requests to our online task management platform. Please note that you will need an account to access these requests, same as above.

For those who prefer that we communicate via email, all requests must be submitted to

Miro Boards (Paid users only)

SharePoint (Professional users only)


Service Guidelines

The following information is specific to each session on offer for AcademyLIFE+, AcademyPASS and AcademyPASS+ schemes. These are general guidelines for what is expected from us as well as how the sessions will run. In most cases, individuals will have a personalised learning plan, which means that on occasion we may divert from what is written here to accommodate specific requests and requirements.

Guidelines for Workshops

  1. Workshops are available to all as single-session bookings.

  2. Each session will have a maximum number of Attendees, but will remain open to AcademyLIFE+, AcademyPASS and AcademyPASS+ clients even if the maximum number of registrations have been reached.

  3. Holders of any tier AcademyPASS+ have unlimited and complimentary access to these sessions.

  4. All policies for AcademyPASS online sessions apply for workshops, the only difference is that workshops are aimed a group sessions.

  5. We expect that all participants in the group sessions are respectful to each other. A moderator will be present during these workshops to deal with any issues and make sure you questions are addressed by the discussion lead.

Guidelines for Scientific Writing & Proofreading

  1. These sessions are available for AcademyLIFE+, AcademyPASS and AcademyPASS+.

  2. Work and/or documents submitted must be original documents. If these are materials produced by more than one individual, the person submitting must have had consent from all parties before sharing these documents.

  3. We will clearly state the languages that we can review on the session homepage, on the session information and on the tickets. It is the responsibility of the AcademyPASS holder for this session to indicate the language of the document that needs reviewing and the language they wish to interact during their online session.

  4. Documents containing restricted or personal information will not be accepted unless any of this information is redacted (exception: research articles or clinical studies whereby participant information is anonymised).

  5. We treat any document submitted as confidential information and will not be shared or replicated in any way. Learn more about information and data classifications.

  6. On scientific articles we will not check the authenticity of the work submitted, but rather check grammatical issues, syntax and sentence structure, check whether the message is clear and if applicable check the list of references. It is the responsibility of the original author to ensure their work properly referenced. We might report any discrepancies or issues that we find, but we do not offer to be a reference checking service, and will not accept responsibility for any material that is plagiarized and/or not original. We do not use any software when checking documents.

  7. It is the responsibility of the original author to declare whether their work has restricted and/or personal information.

  8. We offer to store documents securely on an online cloud platform (Microsoft SharePoint). Files will not be stored on local computer systems or saved on personal mobile devices. All documents are stored on encrypted devices. We have an extensive workflow for dealing with confidential, restricted and personal information. Learn more about our policy on storing information.

  9. We require at least 1 week to review documents, but larger documents such as scientific articles or dissertations exceeding 5,000 will need at least 2 weeks to review. Individuals can keep track of their requests via the submission platform (see here) or updates will be sent via their preferred method of contact (typically email address).

Guidelines for Presenting Yourself and Your Work

  1. These sessions are available for Single and Season AcademyPASS holders.

  2. We require that clients submit their presentation along with a summary to describe their work, the event where they are presenting and their target audience, via the Resource Hub or email (as indicated above).

  3. Clients must be aware that the Team@Seanasol will need at least 72h to review the submitted request (although might take longer). Once the request is approved, we will propose a date and time to meet. The client has the responsibility to confirm the meeting details.

Presenting Yourself

  1. In the session, we will provide feedback on the content of the presentation and style of presenting.

  2. Clients should be aware that these sessions are dynamic and feedback that is given will be dependent on their performance on that day.

  3. If it is general presentation style advice that is being sought, we will use the session to about presentation styles and provide advice to the client. We encourage that clients prepare a short presentation for us to have an idea of their abilities and form a more personalised experience.

  4. We accept requests for any other of presentation, such as but not limited to poster presentations, public speaking, auditions, and public interviews (e.g. media interviews).

Presenting your Work

  1. In addition we can provide feedback on the content that you are presenting. This includes items such as a dissertations, posters, PowerPoint presentations, visual art, infographics or any other material that is being presented to others.

  2. Please note that feedback is dependent on the work that is submitted. We will provide an environment where clients can share their work while in the online session, however, our feedback might be limited by the time spent to review the work.

  3. We encourage that you share any information about the presentation and the event itself with us to ensure that we give you the most relevant feedback.

Guidelines for Career Solutions

  1. These sessions are available for Single and Season AcademyPASS holders.

  2. The purpose of these sessions is to give feedback on job applications and provide career building advice. We highly recommend that clients submit their CV, cover letter or personal statement, original link for the job advert, and information about the job such as requirements and person specifications. We need at least 72h to review these submitted material (though it may take longer for larger workloads). Then, we will schedule an initial meeting where the information is checked with clients and conduct an assessment of the client’s personality and capabilities. This will help us get an idea of the client’s motivations for pursuing that job and advise them accordingly.

  3. Clients are invited to attend a second meeting, if required, to participate in a mock interview. The client will then be asked questions by at least two senior members of the company, relating to the job requirements and person specifications. We encourage the clients take the opportunity to treat this second session as the real interview. Afterwards, we will have a short discussion giving feedback to the candidate. A written response may also be provided on request.

  4. All ticket registrations include allocated time for the second session, if the client wishes to receive more support. However, this second session is not limited to holding a mock interview, and can be used to have a more in-depth conversation or receive general career guidance.

  5. Clients are advised to declare any conflict of interest before participating. Our role in this session is to make job seekers more confident in representing themselves, their work and gain experience in applying for jobs and being interviewed. Under no circumstances will Seanasol Research act as liaison between the client and the company advertising a job. Seanasol Research will not provide letters of reference or character references if at any point we are requested to do so by the prospective employee (client) or the employer (company advertising the job).

Guidelines for Creative Media and Engagement

  1. These sessions are only available for holders of the DISCOVER AcademyPASS.

  2. These sessions cover specifically for those who want feedback on creative media that is to be presented to larger public audiences, such as exhibitions and outreach events.

  3. Clients are recommended to submit sufficient background information about their event and requirements.

  4. We will also provide guidance on video creations by giving advice on video, sound and lighting equipment. We may in certain circumstances provide this support onsite, but our role is mainly to provide general guidance to the organisers of events, particularly for smaller creative productions, such as school events, performances, public events.

  5. If required by a client, we will also assist in writing scripts, either for a general or scientific audience.

  6. The maximum number of hours included in DISCOVER AcademyPASS is 25h, to be used over the course of the activation period. It may be possible to rollover unused hours to another activation period, if the client renews their DISCOVER AcademyPASS before its expiration date.

Guidelines for Training and Tuition

  1. Training and Tuition sessions are only available for DISCOVER AcademyPASS holders or Group Workshops.

  2. After registering, clients can make requests that fit their needs or use the included Single-Use AcademyPASS Activation Codes to join a specific online session. We will then work with the client to provide a learning plan for that activation period.

  3. All DISCOVER AcademyPASS sessions must be pre-agreed by both the client and Seanasol Research.

  4. DISCOVER AcademyPASS includes complimentary access to all paid workshops and events.

  5. The maximum number of hours included in DISCOVER AcademyPASS is 25h, to be used over the course of the activation period. It may be possible to rollover unused hours to another activation period, if the client renews their DISCOVER AcademyPASS before its expiration date.

Guidelines for Translations and Interpreting

  1. Translations and Interpreting sessions are only available for DISCOVER AcademyPASS holders.

  2. For interpretations in a legal context, Seanasol Research will not directly be involved in these sessions to protect individuals' personal information and will only allocate a qualified person with a track record of interpreting experience to act as liaison between clients. All communication in this regard is to be done between the interpreter and client. Clients wishing to claim other benefits on their DISCOVER AcademyPASS may do so as per the request submission procedure above. The interpreter, with consent of the client, may however ask members of Seanasol Research to contribute to a specific session.

  3. Due to the complex nature of translating and interpreting work, time allocated to review documentation counts towards maximum work-hours included within the activation period.

  4. Translations available between English and Spanish, German, and Traditional/Simplified Chinese (Thai, Arabic and Portuguese on special request, subject to availability).

  5. Currently, interpretations limited to English-Spanish only.

  6. The maximum number of hours included in DISCOVER AcademyPASS is 25h, to be used over the course of the activation period. It may be possible to rollover unused hours to another activation period, if the client renews their DISCOVER AcademyPASS before its expiration date.

Guidelines for Making a Researcher

  1. Making a Researcher sessions are only available for Single and DISCOVER AcademyPASS holders.

  2. Single AcademyPASS sessions include two (2) sessions, each one (1) hour in duration, to be arranged on request by the client.

  3. The maximum number of hours included in DISCOVER AcademyPASS is 25h, to be used over the course of the activation period. It may be possible to rollover unused hours to another activation period, if the client renews their DISCOVER AcademyPASS before its expiration date.

  4. All training will be provided remotely were possible.

  5. We may offer onsite training, but this is largely subject to space and equipment availability and we make no commitment to arranging onsite training on behalf of the client, unless we make it very clear that it is included with the session.

  6. Clients wishing to receive onsite training are advised to book equipment themselves. Seanasol Research will not provide any equipment (includes software), unless it is agreed in advance.

  7. Topics and training covered is subject to approval and will only conduct sessions on STEM subjects, equipment, and methods that we have experience in.

  8. Our role in this session is to help make clients better researchers. Seanasol Research will not provide letters of reference or character references if at any point we are requested to do so by the prospective employee (client) or the employer (company advertising the job).