An AcademyPASS is a proof-of-purchase document, containing a description of the session that you have registered for and activation codes to join these sessions. Your claims can be submitted via a secure service from which we will communicate with you.

Refunds are available and you can request these after booking. You will not be able to claim any activation codes from tickets that have been refunded.

When you register to a paid online session via an AcademyPASS, you are purchasing entry to an online event. This is a single-use PASS, which will expire if unused a month after the end of the activation period. Alternatively, the Season AcademyPASS covers three months and gives you greater flexibility to which session to attend and unlimited, complimentary access to paid workshops.

Things you will need when registering (required):

  1. Name

  2. Email Address

  3. A personal reference number (you assign this to yourself; we use it to mask your identify and anonymise our records)

After registering and paying (if applicable) for the session, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to claim your AcademyPASS. Two (2) days before the start of the activation period, you will receive another email with your activation codes (AcademyPASS ID). The simplest way to submit a request is using the Request Portal here. Alternatively, you can email

Claiming your AcademyPASS

If you fail to provide any of this information, we will be unable to process your request.

  1. AcademyPASS Code (Activation ID)

  2. Your personal reference number that you assigned at the time of booking

  3. Your Full Name

  4. An email address where we can contact you

In addition, all claims should have a description of what you want to achieve from your session to ensure we help you the best way we can, and any files you wish to share with us.

Your files will be securely stored, reviewed and edited (if required), and we will return them to the email you used to submit the request. Alternatively, you can create a personal Atlassian account to easily manage and review your submitted requests. You can view shared files and correspondence directly via your personal account.

Learn more about Atlassian personal accounts.